Engineers For Engineers Fund

We back deeply technical founders from Seed to Series A building in AI, data, cloud, infra, devtools, open source in North America and Europe

Our fund is built on top of an engineering community which drives our deal flow, helps us and our friendly funds with diligence, and supports our portfolio companies.

We follow great investors like Gradient Ventures, Khosla Ventures, NVIDIA, Menlo Ventures, 468 Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Nat Friedman (ex-GitHub), Elad Gil, John Collison (Stripe), Andrew Ng’s AI Fund.

We named our fund after Augusta Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, and we believe that serious tech talent and bold ambitions are the source of systematic, long-term value creation.

AAL VC Fund I went live end of 2022; as of Q2 2024 we: (1) Invested in 15 companies (2) Welcomed > 45 LPs

Portfolio founders’ testimonials:

Alex Mashrabov — Higgsfield.ai

AAL VC has a wide network of engineering talent which is extremely valuable in the era of GenAI, when there is a lot of uncertainty and technical risk.

Anna Veronika Dorogush — Recraft.ai

- I was confident in your support, knowing that you would not just be another passive investor. - I greatly respect those to whom I can easily turn for questions and help. I understand that I can learn from you. - When choosing investors, I prefer to work with people with whom I speak the same language (in terms of a common background and similar understanding of the world).

Dmytro Grechko — Deskree

There are very few funds that truly understand the nature of engineering startups and what their journey is like. The team behind AAL VC has been instrumental in our growth at Deskree both as investors, advisors, and great people in general. As a founder looking for trusted partners vs general investors, I am very proud to have them on our cap table.

Startup? Shoot us a line at startup@aal.vc

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